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Motion VR

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Static VR

Our Machines

Motion Platform

Our new motion platform rig!

Powered by high performance 4k gaming computer on a 3 degrees of freedom motion platform.

Feel every turn, every bump, every crash on this monstrously fun setup! Guarantee you an unstoppable experience when you take a ride be it flying or racing simulation.

Strap yourself into VR or Non-VR (with head tracker) on our motion platform rig now!

Panoramic Triple Screens

Always wonder how it feels to game on a triple screen PC? now its your chance!

Only $1 an hour to grab your hands onto a fully loaded static rig that runs native 2k gaming with flying or racing accessories to add the extra level of immersion.

It so comfortable and easy on your eyes (and minds) that you wish you could stay with us longer every time you mount in!

Our Partners

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NXND Computers are authourised Singapore Resellers of the following...

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and many more...


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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm and on appointment
Sat: 9am - 2pm and on appointment
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