DCS World Singapore

Join fellow Singaporeans and friends around the world in the virtual skies!

Locally Owned

All DCS World SG Community Servers are hosted locally by fellow members through high speed internet

Regular Meetups

Regular community mission, training and exchange with real air force or commercial pilots!

DCS World SG also conduct real world gathering. Talk about kampung spirit!

Warm Community

Friendly and active! Our Singapore community members are ever ready to help you in your flight or anything (that's legal) anytime, anywhere.

Free! and casual

Our community servers are all free! download DCS World and join in now!

There are different level of immersion available, just buzz the group and you will be taken care of by the respective representaive.


DCS World SG Lounge

A place of refuge for the flight lovers

DCS World SG Lounge is the "unofficial" gathering place for our DCS World SG community members.

Need to get away from your home or office? Come to the Lounge!

Need to fly in a conducive environment? Come to the Lounge!

Need to feel like a immersive pilot? Come to the Lounge!

Need "professional" guidance? Come to the Lounge!

DCS World SG Lounge aspire to be the safe man-cave haven you ever dream of!


Fly VR

Motion Platform

Play Co-Op

Get advice


Heli Fun

Special Events

Dog Fight

Community Missions

Lounge's Featured DCS planes


A4 Skyhawk


F-14 Tomcat


F-16 Fighting Falcon


F-18 Hornet


P-51 Mustang


SU-25 Frogfoot


UH-1 Huey


and many more...