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Home of affordable motion gaming experience

Motion Gaming

3 Degrees of Freedom

Top of the Line

Our new motion platform rig!

Powered by high performance 4k gaming computer on a 3 degrees of freedom motion platform, guarantee you an unstoppable experience when you take a ride be it flying or racing simulation.

Strap yourself into VR or Non-VR (with head tracker) on our motion platform rig now!

Fly "2D"

Real Easy with or without a Head Tracker

Want to have an immersive flying experience but do not want to enter the VR realm? 

Come and join us on our flying games (DCS World, MSFS etc...)! 

Fly with state of the art Head Tracker system that allows you to mimic VR-esque experience!

The Ultiamte Motion fun!

VR in Motion!

The ultimate deal for realistic VR experience!

Strapped onto our high end VR set and travel to virtual skies (or tracks)!

The best gaming immersion ever!

VR on

Panoramic Gaming

Three 2k Screens!

Sets Us Apart

Always wonder how it feels to game on a triple screen PC? now its your chance!

Grab your hands onto a fully loaded static rig that runs native HD gaming with flying accessories to add the extra level of immersion.

It so comfortable and easy on your eyes (and minds) that you wish you could stay with us longer every time you mount in!

Fly casually

Flying's the same fun

Afraid of flying on motion or VR? But still want the level of immersive excitement?


Fret not!

Hope into our Static triple screen for the same Adrenalin filled adventure!

Or take a scenic flight with the Microsoft Flight Simulator for a more relax enjoyment.

Share the same panoramic vision in our static triple screens now!


No age limit!

All can fly!

As long as you can sit comfortably and able to hold the joystick :)

*Requires parental presence for under 18


Game together

Our Flight Experience houses 2 flight systems! With option to increase on demand.

Feel lonely? Dont worry! Bring up to 2 buddies for a cosy and enjoyable time with many team games up to choose from!

A refuge with your closed ones, away from work and trouble!

*COVID-19 measures still applies!*


Like the products in our lounge?

Grab one for yourself through our E-Shop or give us a buzz! 

We will get back to you shortly!